So-Sy Astrology

- by Carolyn Lewry

Carolyn's work


Her many years of relationship with the client has given Carolyn the opportunity to improve/practice different approaches/techniques. Typically she would start a session with creating the astrological chart from the birth detail of her client. Since the birth chart is the blueprint of the soul, Carolyn can pick up the vibration where the client is at. Having the map of the planets and knowing the transits is akin to a open door for Carolyn’s intuition to come through and thus focus on any particular aspect interested.


This information is integrated with a card reading, using the ‘Subconscious Whispers’ cards. Cards are picked after a client question and Carolyn interprets them considering the info from the chart, delivering a deeper, more complete understanding to the client.


To help/improve the benefits of the session Carolyn can suggest the use of Flower Essences, homemade Skin Food creams, hypnosis or a healing to help the client to relax body and mind, to ease the process of self-acceptance and self-healing and to allow the information unearthed to integrate on a deeper level.                                                                                                                                      



Sessions at ‘The Farm’ are held in the Healing Room.   Within the room a  collection of crystals and rocks creates a safe and balanced environment where the client can feel supported and guided into his/her journey in hidden parts of the subconscious- parts we usually cover up. Carolyn works with two holistic practitioners,which she has known for a number of years, to give the opportunity to deepening the session with reiki healings and intuitive massages.  




 The client can choose between the several services offered:

Astrology consultation (1.5 hrs)

Astrology consultation + card reading (1.5 hrs)

Card reading + hypnosis (2 hrs)

Card reading + healing (2-3 hr)


Post session or stand alone offerings include:

Reiki, intuitive massage, sound healing (1 hr)

Flower essences (personal mix) 30 min

Skin Food (75 ml bottle) 

Private session with Carolyn


Before you arrive for your first session I will spend time observing your astrological birth chart as to where your energy has landed this lifetime, and in what part of your life you will be working/growing within this life. I also search for what energy you operate from within your last few lifetimes, as I feel this energy flows into this lifetime.

Just as important for me is observing what lesson/wounding that you haven't finished with learning/changing from other lifetimes, as this normally plays out within your daily life and it can hinder us- especially around our desires/hopes in this lifetime.  I will look at your transits in this moment, seeing what energy/emotions are surrounding you, whilst also noticing where the moon is, and at what phase she is reflecting.

When you arrive for your session, we chat about my observations and what has caught my attention within the energy of your chart. We then look at what you are seeing and feeling about my interpretations of your chart and talk about what you have to add to what has been spoken about.

Once we have a direction I will bring in my Subconscious Whispers Cards, as these cards move and open our subconscious, they reveal the truth of how we live, our behaviours.  They reveal where all our memories are as well as our habits and lessons. They show us a different polarity, a different way of solving issues, which offers clarity and new understanding. This allows us to solve/change our habits/conditioning, and what follows is the calmness/peace within ourselves. We are able to more easily keep within the flow of growth, creating space to allow our understanding of the soul’s contract this lifetime.

Doing this work for over 20 years, has allowed a knowing that life has a simple-ness to it, a joy to it. That we can live from a relaxation/peacefulness within our day, within our life, no matter what energy/emotions are around us.


C. Lewry 

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