So-Sy Astrology

- by Carolyn Lewry

About Carolyn


Coming from a family of observers, Carolyn started at a very early age to look at people and the world differently, and question why and how things are the way they are.

At age 17 she found astrology through a good friend and for the first time she felt her connection with the world. In her 20s she spent a lot of time travelling, reading about astrology and exploring past lives, and became clearer that astrology was her call. She settled in WA with her husband and two beautiful children.  In the early 90s she couldn’t wait any longer; she gained her Astrology diploma and started to work with clients. 


Despite having everything she needed to consider herself a lucky person, there was still something missing in her life. Her curiosity lead Carolyn to life change in her mid-30s, when she embraced a more holistic way of living, moving to ‘The Farm’ and starting her own organic garden and business. Here she could find the time and the space to deepen her journey, and to

improve her work as facilitator, astrologer, and spiritual being. It was at this point she could really start to explore her own gifts and talents. At ‘The Farm’ she could find the peace and the stillness she missed earlier in life, and a better understanding of life and the influence from energies.  Sharing her knowledge with her clients from the beginning, she is still walking the path of self knowledge always improving her practice and her sessions.


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