So-Sy Astrology

- by Carolyn Lewry

What information do I need to give Carolyn before my first consultation?

To complete your astrology chart Carolyn requires your full name, date of birth and time of birth. Also please include the city, state and country where you were born. 


How long does a session last?

Usually sessions with Carolyn last about 90 minutes. Massages and reiki are around 60 minutes. Having a reading and a massage can take up to 2 hrs and a half, according with what happens during the session.

How much does a session cost?

A session or consultation with Carol costs 130 dollars per hour, the other healings (with practitioner) are 75 dollars/hour. 

What's the price for the Flower Essences and the SkinFood products?

A personal mix of Flower Essences, created by Carolyn, costs 50 dollars including an explanation of the different flowers used and the effects on the body, spirit and mind. This discussion takes 20-30 minutes in total.

SkinFood comes in 75 mL bottles and they cost 25 dollars. More products are available in the shop.

What are the benefits of having a session? How many session should I have?

Having a session with Carolyn is a great opportunity to gain more clarity in a challenging time of your life, or simply to have a better direction in your daily life journey. Perhaps you have been on your self-discovery journey for a while but feel like you are still missing some answers, Carolyn can be a supportive help for you to keep moving to self-healing.

Astrology, hypnotherapy and personalised healings work best when the client has a basic understanding of meditation, which allows him/her to fully enjoy the experience without external distractions. During the session the client is immersed in a supportive, caring environment which allows the body to release worries, tensions and stress giving you a deep feeling of calm, stillness and wholeness. 

Healing is a journey, it is a change in your lifestyle and starts from the everyday life basics. Healthy diet, enough physical exercise and plenty of water are as important as meditation. In the beginning we suggest a session every fortnight to be able to reach a certain depth in the understanding of the process so that you can feel and become stronger in your journey. 

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