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- by Carolyn Lewry

Subconscious Whispers cards

It's such a special time for the Subconscious Whispers cards and myself. After three years of conceptualising, designing, and producing these special cards they are ready to move out into the world, showing the true gifts and uniqueness of what they have to offer.

It was in the making of these cards that I identified that most of us know that we choose the mind to drive our life, yet somewhere within us we have an awareness that our outcomes of life come from our subconscious.  I have noticed when we choose this way of being, by solving our life from our mind; we continuously end up living parts of our life in stagnation/stuck-ness. When we are in these vibrations we must also find a way to extend this by finding other energies of the same vibration. A few examples are rage, unfairness, hopelessness, heartache, guilt and jealousy. These are all ways to stay in the stagnation / stuck-ness.

With a truth, I can say, when we choose stuck-ness/stagnation, we are inviting pain into our lives. We only tolerate these energies because we can't find the answers.  If we are able to look within our subconscious, we could find the answers, for they are there. They have always been there, the memories, feelings, knowing and sensing.  So feeling the truth of this allowed me to find a way to unlock our subconscious, which led me to creating the Subconscious Whispers cards.

The Subconscious Whispers deck is an instrument for self-healing, allowing your subconscious vibration/knowing to enter your life. This allows for growth and understanding of ourselves at a deeper vibration, allowing our soul?s maturity. Soul's maturity is where we take charge of owning the wholeness of who we are, every day looking within ourselves.



Subconscious Whispers



After more than 20 yrs working with the subconscious through past life regressions and hypnosis with her clients, Carolyn has designed her own personal deck of cards, the Subconscious Whispers.


In her experience Carolyn could see how some emotions deeply affect our lives; emotions connected with experiencing a traumatic event, or with repeated behaviours.


Those emotions are stored in the subconscious; an area usually hidden and not accessible because we fear them. In there we have the sum of all our past life experiences, old habits, emotions. Everyone of us has arrived with different baggage - but how many actually know what we are carrying with us?


Using the Subconscious Whispers we can work specifically on the emotions related/connected with that session. Being able to name and recall the emotion helps us in understanding ourselves better, releasing a habit and the 'stuck' energy, thus starting the healing process. Sometimes there are things in our everyday life that make us angry without a reason/explanation. Or perhaps it's an overwhelming fear we experience, not related to an experience in our earlier life. These are just some of the examples of how the Subconscious Whispers can help us in healing and growing.


"Reincarnation and the fact that we are here to evolve are now common knowledge. But often we don't know how growth can happen or what?s stopping the process. I believe that the blockages are due to the inefficient use of the information about our past. We may know that we've been kings, queens, soldiers or slaves in the past but we usually don't question the way we felt or behaved during those times- which was our emotional experience in those roles.


I.e. can appear as a prince and a slave have two opposite lifestyles. And sure it is on the physical level (knowledge) but on the spiritual (emotions) they have a lesson in common. Both see their life as unfair. The prince sees unfairness in having to follow orders, in behaving in a certain way and he stays there because he doesn't want to lose his privileges. The slave sees unfairness in everyday life, having to follow order and watching other people getting what they want. Both believe that the pain they experience is caused from the other?s behaviour. They are not able to see that the pain comes from their common belief system ?life is unfair?. Sure they have different outcomes (at the opposite) but the root of the pain is the same. Bringing those memories into this lifetime, the simple knowing that we've been princes or slaves doesn't allow space for growth, we are still driven by the same belief. The biggest hindrance for growth is that we are usually looking outside of ourselves instead of focusing the attention inside exploring."


"The Subconscious Whispers deck is an instrument for self-healing, growth and understanding of ourselves." C.Lewry


The deck consist in 352 cards. Each of them has a word associated with an emotion and they are divided in Supporting (they show where we are heading), Challenging (they show us where we experience discomfort, from where we want to move away) and Past Life (they hold both the polarities). The art work is by our talented and gifted friend, Bianca Mozzon (more of her work at


These cards present an incredible versatility. You can read them for your daily guidance, to know on which emotion you can focus the attention for the day. As we really start to understand the influence of the moon in our life, the cards can be used to set/express your desires on New Moons or to release energies/emotions on Full Moons. They can also help in dealing with any illness, understanding and acknowledging that all illness comes from an imbalance of the energetic field.


 "I believe that if we connect with the rhythm of the moon (New Moon for desires, Full Moons for releases) growth is inevitable." C.Lewry


The Subconscious Whispers are suitable from any level of seeker/person. For beginners, to start exploring spirituality, or for whom already on their journey because the cards can help on any vibration. They also represent a great instrument for any practitioner, to deepen their practice.

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