So-Sy Astrology

- by Carolyn Lewry

'The Farm'

Nestled in the hills of Bedfordale is the 4 acres So-Sy property affectionately known as ‘The Farm’. This property has been certified Organic since 1993 and is made up of gardens overflowing with organic herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables. 


Medicinal herbs and flowers are grown and collected to be used to create the original SkinFood products, a home made range of products for body, mind and soul. SkinFood Creams are made using only organic high vibrational ingredients, following a recipe that has been tested and improved over the years. Thanks to the strength of the plants from our garden,  SkinFood creams are perfect not just to help the body but also to work on a spiritual level. Evolution/growth doesn’t happen only on one level but starts from the basics. To fully experience our power, love and joy we need to do our best with our bodies. Having a healthy and balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, doing enough physical activity are as important as meditation.

On this belief ‘The Farm’ supplies magnificent organic vegetarian food, under Grid Life Joy. Well known to our clients is the ‘Bedfordale Salad’, made with a range of carefully selected medicinal herbs from the garden- it is a true healing meal.

The shop also contains crystals for home and garden, meditation mats, flower essences, essential oils, books and more gifts for the heart. 


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