So-Sy Astrology

- by Carolyn Lewry

The Moon Workshops


  • New Moon: acknowledging/accepting our desires, our wishes so we are able to express them and deliver them within our life.
  • Full Moon: acknowledging/learning what emotions / energies that you have finished with, that you can live without. 
  • Understanding how to release/let go of those old worn out emotions/energy.
  • Recognising/connecting more into our subconscious energy that allows an appreciation for wanting to spend more space there. 
  • Explaining/acknowledging the zodiac sign the moon has entered into. 
  • Spending/surrendering time with finding a deeper vibration of relaxation.



As a person and facilitator, I see how deeply the moon influences our feelings and our emotions. This makes the Moon such a great teacher, as we witness her changing energies, her phases and her steady rhythms.  Each sign brings into our life a different range of vibration that we can tap into.


While our subconscious energy comes from an awareness, it witnesses/senses/feels/sees/hears every moment of our lives. It is the record keeper, it has the patterns, it has the secrets, it is the filing system of all our thoughts, of all our actions, all our emotions.  It is all there available for us and I have seen where the Subconscious Whispers cards can help to open/unlock our subconscious. 


I enjoy running Moon workshops, as the Moon and Subconscious Whispers cards combine so beautifully together. Beautiful because together they create such vividness, clarity, liberation and honor for us to feel and see. My workshops bring such a clarity and enjoyment, and are rewarding especially if you enjoy continuous growth.


What I truly enjoy is that they teach us to be self-healers, where with each moon we can work within a group or by ourselves. I look forward to you being able to join us at one of the Moon workshops.

Subconscious Whispers workshops


  • Helpful in guiding us in being more self-sufficient within our self-healing journey.
  • Clarity to understand ourselves in any situation.
  • Helpful in recognising/understanding the patterns behind habits/behaviours 
  • Valuable with clarity and directionnand our lessons.           
  • Beneficial in relationships, whether they be reflections/emotions and habits. 

I love offering all day workshops for understanding/acknowledging how my Subconscious Whispers cards can be of a great help in our everyday life with regard to continuous self-healing and growth.


I consider that when the soul reaches a certain amount of lifetimes or a certain amount of growth, then we must change course.  A great starting point is to move further away from our mind being in charge, where we have more balance within space for both spiritual and the mind.


I know that my Subconscious Whispers can be a benefit for this, as the cards allow our subconscious to breathe. It allows taking up space, to discover, to unravel our memories/emotions, acknowledging all our involvements/movements within our life/lifetimes. The deck is made up of 352 cards split into three sections. The ‘supporting cards’ show where we desire to be, who we desire to be. Then the ‘challenging cards’ show us where we experience discomfort, where we desire to move away from, but with an honesty. Finally the ‘past lives cards’ hold both polarities support/challenge.


If you have reached that time in your life where you would like to have more balance within you, then come join us for a fascinating day of excitement and growth.

 C. Lewry 

Info nights with Carolyn


Having a love for Astrology has led to myself being the watcher/observer for over 40 years, which has allowed for a greater understanding as to where our attention is held within our life.  Especially when we are able to acknowledge that everything is energy, even words.  So if words come from energy then they also have a polarity/vibration, a meaning.


We have more than one way of interpreting the word; i.e. spiritual/mind.  Spiritual vibration is more around self-growth,truth and peace. Whereas the mind’s perspective comes more from the vibration of protecting, being self-absorbed, in control and just wanting to fix it.  As a watcher/observer I have noticed how we all could become better at noticing as to what polarity we are choosing within the words, that we use every day, with our partners, friends, work colleagues and children etc.  Aiming to be able to spend more moments of our life where we are involved in our feelings- sensing and noticing what polarity/vibration we want to come from. 



We all want to spend more energy around our growth at some vibration, so we might have started reading spiritual books, chatting with our friends around our spirituality, seeing and sending spiritual sayings, but this is not our final destination. We can move to a deeper vibration where we start to search for the present moment and stillness, where we become the watcher. With a curiosity and bravery we can start to see /acknowledge what is within ourselves, our habits and lessons, our behaviours and conditioning, with a clarity and honesty. 


So come join us, as we explore and uncover behaviours that can move us to a brighter vibration within ourselves; which allows a deeper relaxation, calmness and clarity within.  

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